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Friday, 31 May 2013 07:27

Fashion While Backpacking: It Can be Done Featured

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“Fashpacking”     This is for all the lady-fashionista travelers out there. To anyone who has ever backpacked through Bulgaria, flitted through France, or couch surfed among Croatia, you would know; minimization is key. However, this doesn’t mean that the bare essentials you cram into your traveler backpack have to be so…bare. Hiking the Swiss Alps is one thing, but if you plan on strutting your stuff through cities such as Milan, London, or Paris, you cannot be caught in sweatpants and Crocs. It is indeed a sin, and yes, you may be arrested for it.  




Not to worry, this is where "fashpacking"comes along. No, it doesn’t mean you’re carrying some kind of foreign, concealed weapon, and it is definitely not a floppy, new dance move. It is an original The Hostel Life term that gives the rundown on what stylish items to bring when backpacking. Whether you’re gearing up for two weeks in Rome or 4 months in Paris, these light, cartable pieces will get you through your trip with style.



Before a detailed list of what to pack is laid out, here are just a few things to remember:

Solids. Solids. Solids. This is the most important thing to pack. With just a few solid-colored pieces, you can mix-and-match, layer-up, and create new outfits. Pack the same three sequin shirts and even the Queen of England is going to call you out on wearing the same thing two days in a row.

Shoes. Comfortable shoes can be stylish too! With the right color and fit, a pair of converse can suffice for many different outfits while getting you to the opposite side of town.

Jewelry. With just a few key accent pieces, you can completely change up an outfit. You can also make an everyday look turn into a night-out look. Try to go for solids here too, such as white, rustic silver, or even red.

Get the right backpack. We love Osprey brand backpacks for their durability, comfort, and compartmentalized space.




Here is the fashion-forward backpack rundown:

1 pair of solid shorts

2 pairs of jeans (at least one dark)

1 pair of black leggings (These will get you through an afternoon at the winery and a fun night out)

1 skirt (one that you can dress either up or down)

2 tank tops (one black, one white)

2 V-necks (one black, one white)

3 ‘favorite’ shirts ( fashionable ones porno gay you can layer)

2 sweaters

1 crop top

1 striped shirt (a style that never will go out)

1 leather or fashionable jacket

2 bras

7 pairs underwear

3 pairs socks (one ankle, one knee high, one warm)

1 cardigan

2 dresses (at least one black and one you can layer)

1 set of pajamas

1 scarf (can buy more at thrift shops while traveling)

2 purses (solids. one smaller, one bigger day bag)

1 pair of black boots (ones you can roll up into your bag)

1 pair of comfortable sneakers (converse/chucks)

1 pair of black flats

1 pair of flip flops (ones you can wear to the beaches and in the hot milfs hostel showers)




Now, as fun as it porn milf is to look amazing while backpacking through your trip, do remember that it lesbian porn is all about the experience. This is your chance to explore the world and experience things that some people only dream about. Take chances! Your one cardigan may smell like its been lugged around 11 different countries and your ‘white’ tank may now be more of a beige….but this is your adventure. Live cartoon porn videos it!