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Sunday, 16 June 2013 12:04

Great Lodging Without Hidden lesbian videos Expenditures Featured

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When it comes to staying at a hotel, we all know not to touch the sweet Kit Kat bars or thirst-quenching Coke bottles laying in the mini fridge.  Doing so can leave you with an outrageous bill at check out.  What you don’t know is that many of the gratuitous services offered by hotels do not come as free as we thought.


Unlike a hostel that charges a low daily rate, hotels will charge customers up to $50 just for checking out EARLY. A report by the NYU School of Continuing and Professional Studies estimates that the U.S. lodging generated $1.95 billion in fees in 2012 (a $100 million increase from the year prior). And NYU's Center for Hospitality, Tourism, and Sports Management has recently reported that since 1997, there has been a substantial rise in hotel fees every single year.


Other unknown costs include a charge of $5-$40 a day to use a gym.  Fortunately for seasoned hostel users, there’s no need for concern over gym fees. Chances are that porno gay after a night’s stay at a hostel, you’ll you leave the lodge for a day of hiking on a FREE hiking range.   And when it comes to Internet and WiFi most believe the “complimentary internet” sign that hotels tack onto to the bedroom nightstands.  However, you will be charged extra for high-speed usage up to $10 a day. If you’re not just checking your email on you’re hotels’ WiFi, your Internet is not free.


At a low cost milf porn to travelers, hostels not only offer a clean bed and a warm meal but also a down to earth way to make new friends.  In order to avoid unnecessary expenses, book a bed for your next vacation at our partner booking site here