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Sunday, 09 June lesbian videos 2013 14:26

Better Than Sex Featured

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“Better Than Sex? Well maybe they’re doing it wrong.” Was my sister’s reaction to the name of the dessert only restaurant in Key West on Simonton st, only a few blocks from the famed Duval St.

Well whether you’re doing it right or wrong this eatery is bound to leave a lasting impression on your tongue. Setting the mood with deep red walls and sexy pictures of skin and buttocks this place does everything tongue-in-cheek. If the dim lighting doesn’t put you in a sensual mood (They give you a little flashlight it’s so dark inside), the swoons of Louis Armstrong and hot lesbian porn Nat King Cole will definitely put you in a sweet lovey-dovey state that might cause a diabetic to go into cardiac arrest. Despite the romantic theme the restaurant has somehow managed to create an atmosphere without breaching into the world of corny.

Let’s move on to the important stuff though…..the menu.

Light Up Menu

With menus that light up and erotic sounding descriptions of their delectable dishes that will make you giggle with lines like “Rubbing up against cool white vanilla bean balls.”


All their drinks are rimmed with dark, semi-sweet or white chocolate additionally some have smooth caramel or sticky honey to grace your lips.

I ordered the “Choco-Cab” the cabernet sauvignon with a semi-sweet chocolate-rimmed glass.


Ok so it doesn’t look that pretty… but the restaurant is dark, heightening those taste buds, and the chocolate lingers on the tip of your lip so that after you sip the wine the dryness is immediately replaced with chocolate sweetness.

Even better was my boyfriend's drink order, Mandy’s Man Candy.

Fruli strawberry beer, with a combination of dark and white chocolate drizzled onto the glass. It is like drinking spiked chocolate covered strawberries. celebrity nude Hands down the most enjoyable beer I’ve had and I hate beer.

The main event however was our dessert main course. I ordered their chocolate grilled cheese and the man decided on “Between My Red Velvet Sheets” cheesecake. Both of these are winners of the Master Chef Award and cost about 13 bucks each.



Smooth, rich and oh so choolately. Incredibly light and fluffy this beats the cheesecake factory by a Key West mile.  The double chocolate cookie crust and whipped cream cheese are the perfect accents to the rich custard in a bite that is better than at least some of the sex that I’ve had.


Now the porno gay chocolate grilled cheese is their signature dessert that lives up to the hype. The cinnamon and powdered sugar sprinkled toast encased a mix of Belgian dark chocolate Danish brie. The toasted sandwich created a nice crunch on the edges from the crust and the middle was soft, supple and warm from the stove. The chocolate and brie melted together to create a thick smooth and not too sweet goo that will make you lick your fingers with reckless abandon. After all it’s too dark in the restaurant for anyone to notice. The gastronomical spark of genius of this dish is in the sandwiches snuggle buddy, the chilled raspberry champagne soup. Making this meal the Better than Sex’s version of the traditional cheddar grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup. Light, fragrant and busting with flavor, I could eat a bowl of it but combine the cool sweet fruity fluff with the warm robust chocolate sandwich and you will never fake a headache to get out of enjoying this concoction.


To end the night I ordered a lavender lipstick. A champagne flute coated with honey and filled with Prosecco mixed with lavender syrup. The result tastes like a chilled bubby lavender tea with two spoonful’s of honey to help the chocolate go down. It’s aromatic, crisp and will gave this lightweight a good buzz.

Next time you’re in Key milf porn West give this spot a try. Most dessert only restaurants are in the chic cities of New York, LA or Chicago but now a tropical paradise has jumped on the trend and they are doing it well. Test it for yourself, and see if it is really better than sex.

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