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Saturday, 15 December 2012 12:40

Travelers Rejoice! porno gay Less Screening! Featured

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NEW BILL STREAMLINES BAG CHECKS. International travelers will have a little something extra to celebrate this season--the new “No-Hassle Flying Act” passed the U.S. House last Wednesday lightens re-screening regulations from some U.S. International airports.  With this new bill, officers of the Transportation Security lesbian videos Administration are allowed to choose if baggage from flights coming from areas where Customs and Border protection has pre-clearance operations in place. This includes airports in Canada, Ireland, and the Caribbean.  



Before the new bill, bags nude celebrities that had already been pre-screened had to be checked again once entering the US before proceeding on any other flights. This process of double-screening was causing many passengers to miss connecting domestic flights.

Once the President’s signature is added to the bill, travelers will enjoy this new, streamlines way of travel.