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Top 5 Reasons to Meet Me in Mongolia Featured

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0 0 1 699 3990 The Hostel Life 33 9 4680 14.0 Normal 0 false false false EN-US JA X-NONE   Few places remain today that are relatively uninhabited by the western world. Lying peacefully in between the thriving and bustling countries of Russia and China, Mongolia has remained a destination of nomadic culture. Herding through the green landscape and covered by none other than open, blue skies, local nomads continue to travel with the seasons in search of the freshest pastures and purest water. The seasons tend to be tough. Harsh winters and stifling summers have made for a rather strong and resourceful
people. The tests of an ever-changing environment have also made Mongolian nomads among the most hospitable hosts. They know where to find the most extraordinary beauty, the means it takes to get there, and warm, open welcomes to outside visitors. A visit to Mongolia is a chance to capture original beauty before it is lost to a busy world. It’s the opportunity to gaze upon wide skies lined with rolling hills, proud-standing mountain tops, and green pastures stretching far beyond what the eye can see.


Sight seeing: Visitors to the small town of Gachuurt, Mongolia can spend an adventurous afternoon at Fly Mongolia, a sight touring adventure center. The sight is owned by Mongolian natives who enjoy nothing more than to show off the natural beauty of the area’s landscape. The most popular activities are Tandem paragliding and ultra light aircraft tours visitors can gaze upon the wide open spaces and vast scenery. If looking for a more relaxed tour of the beautiful land, horse rides are offered to observe the vast valleys of Tuul Gol. Travelers can also have` a chance to meet the locals who live in the area. It’s common to approach one of the Mongolian families who live around the valley and hire one of their horses for $20 for the entire day.



Entertainment: If there is one thing that Mongolians hold near and dear to them, it’s tradition. Stemming from hundreds of years of customs, The Tumen Ekh Song and Dance Ensemble is a prized performance that highly appraised. The performance contains traditional Mongolian music and dance and features the unique Mongolian throat singing, khöömii. The group is notorious for its exquisite contortionists which have been known to leave few dry eyes in the audience. When the traditional show of song and dance is over, the audience is welcome to a gallery and café in the Mongolian-style hall where they can purchase videos of the performance to take home.


Restaurants: Mongolia is known for lesbian porn its fresh ingredients and colorful ambience. Said to be one of the best restaurants in town, Hazara, in Ulaanbatar, Mongolia, has been serving up genuine Mongolian nude celebrities dishes with a North Indian flare for nearly a decade. Each table in the restaurant is covered with a samiyan, a traditional-style colorful tent that makes you feel like you’re the only one dining in the restaurant. Enjoy a favorite dish, Murgh Makhni, which features fresh, pure ingredients served over saffron rice with an Indian kick of flavor.


Tours: The tour of all tours; the Trans-Siberian train encompasses a remarkable train journey from Beijing to Mongolia, ending in Moscow. The tour has been highly rated by travelers for decades as the extensive itinerary combines a classic train ride with exotic destinations en-route. Once the train enters Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia from Beijing, travelers get the chance to experience the acclaimed Naadam festival before heading to Mongolian Steppe. There, visitors will get a taste of true, Mongolian nomadic life while they spend the night in cozy camps with warm hospitality. They will also be able to observe the vast Mongolian grasslands and get a taste of Mongolian favorites, such as kumis, which is a version of cow’s milk, hot milfs but is fermented and sweeter.


Relax: If a more laid-back tour tends to be in your travel itinerary, Mongolia is one of few places that offers an extensive houseboat tour. Houseboats can be rented lesbian videos for a full 24 hours to ensure travelers get a chance to experience all of Mongolia’s beauty. Drift through peaceful canals embroidered with coconut palms. Dine on authentic Mongolian cuisine on the top deck and gaze at the clear, night sky. There are also opportunities to meet local villagers along the path and get a feel of the Mongolian life away from all of the clamor. Houseboats can be catered to groups for a more lively tour, or on a couples-basis, where they can even sleep under the stars.

With a so many unique means of travel throughout Mongolia, it would be a loss to miss out on its beauty. Take a horse ride. Go Paragliding. Say you’ve been in a house and boat at the same time. Whichever route you choose, meet me in Mongolia.