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Sunday, 25 November 2012 10:15

LSTN: Giving Back. Amplified. Featured

Written by  Megan Suszynski
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BUY HEADPHONES, GIVE HEARING. Music is a unifying language. Music is beautiful. Music can create and inspire change. The most tangible example I have is John Lennon’s Imagine. Living in the Czech Republic as an expat for two years, this song is cemented in my memory, as I learned it was a rally cry for change during Communist rule en route to the Velvet Revolution in Prague in 1989. In the years following



Lennon’s assassination in 1980, a small wall in Mala Strana (“Lesser Town”) on the castle, riverside district in Kampa Park, became something of a shrine to Lennon. So the story goes...rebellious young artists and silent change makers would head to the wall (one of my absolute favorite spots in Prague) at night and express themselves through graffiti, writing “peace and love” and “imagine” next to an image of this working class hero. The following day, zealous officials would remove the graffiti, only to see it appear again the next day. And on, and on. I digress. My point is that music can create a powerful movement.


LSTN, a headphone company based on Los Angeles, realizes the importance of music and because of this - for every one pair of headphones sold, they give the gift of hearing to a child in need. Why? Because they love music more than anything and want to share that joy. Here’s how it works: 1) you buy a pair of LSTN headphones, 2) proceeds from the purchase go to the charity partner for the deaf, 3) one child with hearing loss receives medical attention and a custom fit hearing aid on your behalf. The reason? 95% of children in deaf schools can be helped by a simple hearing aid, and 80% of the hearing impaired live in developing countries.

LSTN partners with Sound Seekers and the John Tracy Clinic (JTC) that provide hearing for the underprivileged.


“Taking mobile clinics to small villages, they custom fit hearing aids for children in deaf schools and treat them on the spot.


We’re not just handing out hearing aids – we also include batteries, mold of lesbian porn the ear for a correct fit, ear cleaning, and antibiotics to eliminate the risk of infection. We educate the child on proper use. If a hearing aid is broken or misplaced, we replace it free of charge.

When you purchase a pair of LSTN headphones, the amount needed to cover this entire process is contributed on your behalf.” (

You’re probably wondering why LSTN Founder, Bridget Hilton, was inspired to create a high-quality headphone product centered around doing good. In Bridget’s word: “I saw a video on YouTube of a woman my age hearing for the first time. It was incredibly moving to watch, and I realized how much we take hearing music, nature, laughter and our friends and families voices for granted. I knew immediately that I needed to figure out a way to give people the joy of hearing on a larger scale.” Whoa. Props, Bridget. It’s true, hearing is something we so often take for granted - but is a gift that, when given, changes lives.

Not only does LSTN do good, but their product holds its own. Their headphones are made out of wood, because, quite simply, music loves wood. There’s a reason guitars, violins, drums and more are made of wood - because wood produces more sound resonance than plastic or metal. So, the masterminds of LSTN thought, why not create wooden headphones as well?! BOOM. LSTN was born, and warm and natural sound is now gracing the ears of happy consumers.

All of this, and they used reclaimed wood in their production process - each milf porn pair is crafted using scrap lumber from furniture makers that would have been thrown in landfills. All of the wood is legally harvested through licenses with the local government. Don’t worry, it’s legit. Too legit to quit.

Imagine. Imagine what your involvement could do to bring the sounds of music, nature, laughter, joy, and the voices of loved ones to individuals incapable of hearing today. It could just create and inspire change in a way you never could have anticipated.

Writer’s Wrap-Up: If any of you are wondering what to get that special someone (or yourself) for the upcoming holiday, look no more. LSTN now. On-Ear. Ebony (‘cause you know what they say). Just do it. Personal fav feature: they’re perfect for the traveler, and pack really well...and they’re compatible with spaceships, so duh. No brainer.

Buy now: Earbuds, $45 cartoon porn video / On-Ear Headphones, $95.

Give hot milfs the gift of sound at Visit them in the social space, and like them on facebook + follow them on twitter too. nude celebrities If you’re feeling compelled to get involved in a deeper way, they’ve been cookin up a Crowdfunder campaign and I like it. Get involved.

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