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THL Update: November lesbian videos 18, 2012 Featured

Written by  Mehdy Ghannad
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REDO, CONTRACTS, AND POTENTIAL NEW AVENUES. The editing hat had to be put on this week , as it seems the videos that were originally placed on AOL, could not be branded by any company logos, so all 32 Videos we have, had to be re-edited. This was all cranked out in 2 days and  another day was spent loading them. That exercise was a bit painful, but everything is fully up and approved by the AOL team.   Now I can officially say, we are truly on the "On AOL Network."



Still having to resolve contract agreements, which is scheduled to happen this Monday.   The Hostel Life will either continue with the current production company that it has,  riding out the agreement until February, or try to break the contract and move forward with the William Morris agency.   Really stressful yet exciting decision making for The Hostel Life all around, so stay tuned to see how this all plays out.



Finally, got an interesting email from a publisher in Scotland, that is interested in using The Hostel Life videos to teach English to a group of students. They're going to specifically use our Scotland episode, because they apparently like my humor and the way I take on the Scottish culture. This contact is also focused on possibly helping to distribute all the current videos in the local market. That is pretty exciting as well!


Besides all that, a media buyer out of Orlando, has distribution outlets in South East Asia, the Middle East, India, and parts of Africa and wants to help syndicate The Hostel Life.   So I may be speaking in Mandarin and Arabic, how funny will that be.


Let's get back to the giveaways for all you loyal fans!!!


Th cartoon porn videos is weeks Travel Trivia question is to tell us what city and country is the photo below taken.   The 9th person to email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , will take home an Ethnotek Tee , a Rough Guides Book from our selection, and a 40% off coupon from our awesome shoe sponsor Unstitched Utilities.



Good Luck Everyone, and to my American followers, Happy Thanksgiving.

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